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Experience six Magical days at the Montebello Islands ...

Living aboard our fully appointed houseboat, Full Monte using our charter boat, Kylin eco tour boat Nemo and dinghies for fishing and other activities.

During the summer months we return to Perth where we can help you celebrate your special occasion in style.


April - October (ex Exmouth)

Experience six nights and five magical days at the Montebello Islands living aboard our fully appointed houseboat and using our charter boat the ‘Kylin’, eco tour boat ‘Nemo’ and dinghies for activities.

The Montebello’s are comprised of over 100 islands which are surrounded by magnificent virgin coral reefs. The area’s panoramic seascapes, abundance of wildlife and wilderness feeling ensure that those who join us on one of our weekly safaris enjoy a unique experience. Everyone is invited to participate in activities such as fishing, diving, wildlife viewing, island exploration (The Montebello Islands also have a degree of notoriety as a result of British atomic weapons testing in the 1950s.) and surfing. Excellent recreational fishing opportunities exist in the reserves, with a variety of finfish and invertebrate species in abundance. Our boat the 'Kylin' takes you away from the islands out into the general use zones where a variety of fish can be caught.

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Montebello Island Safaris (from here on referred to as MIS) changed ownership in December 2006.

New owners Byron, Liz, Jim & Julie Bungey are passionate about this additional business venture. The owners currently run a mixed farming property in the south of the State, and taking on MIS has been seen as a very pleasurable adjunct to this. The marine lifestyle has always been a passion.

Byron, Liz, Jim & Julie and all of the Montebello staff are keen to offer customers a memorable experience. They take particular care to regularly survey customers on their MIS charters to ascertain how they can continually improve on the quality of experiences already offered their customers.

Improvements to facilities have already been made, and further improvements are continually happening.

All of the staff working in the business are there because they are passionate about what they are doing.

Our aim is for every customer to enjoy a memorable experience, whether it be on Safari at the Montebello islands, or on a charter in Perth.

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To receive $100 off your next booking.

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