Montebello Island Safaris


Our Montebello Island Season runs from April through to late November.

Prices for our Montebello Island season are readily available upon enquiry with our friendly staff.

  • We reserve the right to charge a fuel levy should the prices exceed normal business estimates.
  • Upon booking an invoice for a deposit of $500.00 per head is sent to you. The deposit is required to be paid by date on invoice to confirm booking.
  • Prices are subject to change.
  • An invoice for balance of charter monies is sent out 5 months prior to departure. Payment is required 120 days prior to charter departure to ensure your place is secured on the charter.
  1. Cancellations – If, for whatever reason, the Passenger wishes to cancel their position on board the Charter the Passenger must immediately notify us. In the event that a Passenger cancels his/her position on board the Charter the Passenger shall still be liable for the full payment of the Price in accordance with our terms and Conditions unless otherwise organised with us.
  2. We take 14 people on each charter (if you unable to get group together we can assist by joining smaller groups together).

Has accommodation for 14 people – a mattress, blanket and pillows are provided – you must bring a single sheet set and pillowcase. Both items are essential for hygiene reasons. A sleeping bag or swag is not acceptable as an alternative to sheets. If you wish to bring a sleeping bag you must also bring sheets. There are 3 bathrooms with a toilet and fresh water shower in each. The galley is a large open area with freezer, fridge, stove, sink & microwave. A large outdoor area accommodates a barbeque and is ideal for outdoor dining & relaxation. ‘The Full Monte’ is moored in a protected bay and the “Kylin”, our charter vessel, ties alongside it each night. It is also self sufficient with its own generator.

For those who wish to view their catch or stunning photographs from their digital camera we now have 37” TV and DVD player to do so, also please feel free to bring any appropriate DVD’s along for a little night time relaxing. We supply a satellite mobile number which is located on the Kylin. You are welcome to provide this to family in case you need to be contacted in an emergency. If you have a Next-G phone it does have areas & times where it has reception.

Is a 62ft West coaster and has the latest in comfort and technology. It has a traveling speed of approximately 16-17 knots depending upon weather. It has a large on deck brine tank plus a large freezer for efficient handling of the catch. Access to the water is made easy by large opening doors with steps leading down the marlin board. A large percentage of the rear deck is covered to provide protection from the elements.

Is varied from charter to charter depending on the requirements, if any, of each particular group. If due to dietary requirements you require anything special please let us know at least two weeks in advance (as you can appreciate, all food is ordered in advance ) and we will try our best to assist. Tea, coffee, cordial and breakfast juices, are supplied but all other beverages are strictly BYO. If you would like specific foods such as lollies, chocolates we suggest you also bring your own.

A typical menu includes: Eggs, bacon, sausages, cereals, bread, milk, fruit juice, for breakfast. Cold meats (ham, silverside, and chicken), and salads, freshly made hamburgers, beef & gravy rolls are typically served for lunch. Evening meals include steak, mixed grill, roast (which includes choices of beef, lamb, chicken & pork) with oven roasted vegetables. It is also anticipated that fish would be served 2 to 3 times during the week, depending on the individual desires of each group. If groups desire more or less evening meals comprising fish, then just let our cooks know. One evening a week comprises the chef’s specialty – Seafood Platter. Squid and crayfish are part of the treats on this platter when available. All meals are served with fresh salads or freshly cooked vegetables. Sweet biscuits, cake, savory snacks, & delicious pre dinner nibbles are provided. Sweets such as ice cream, custards and fruit are also available. A basket of fresh fruit is always available for everyone to enjoy.

Everyone is expected to contribute with the cleaning up.

Weather permitting the boat leaves Exmouth Sunday morning. It is important not to be late. Return is on Friday into the evening back into Exmouth allowing passengers driving to depart on arrival and those flying early Saturday morning an easy departure to catch their flight back out of Exmouth.

Once at the Montebello’s it depends on the day’s activities which vessel is used. Our itinerary allows for 3 days deep-sea fishing, which is done on the Kylin, but island cruising, snorkelling and fishing is done from the 4 dinghies, which are also for commuting to shore for sight seeing. We also have an aluminum jet runabout ‘Nemo’, which the crew uses for various activities.

If scuba diving is required we must be notified at time of booking, as a “Dive Master” must be on board and this must be taken into account when the roster is prepared at the beginning of the season. Tanks and weight belts are supplied, but other personal gear must be provided by you. Snorkelling of course acceptable without a “Dive Master”. A light wetsuit is ideal to protect against the coral when snorkelling.

We supply deep-sea boat rods and reels for bottom fishing but if you wish to bring rods, reels, lures and light gear for playing in and around the Islands please feel free, as they would be very suitable. Lure fishing is popular. The catch is filleted at the end of each day and packed in fish boxes in individual plastic bags. It is then placed in the snap freezer on the Kylin. Everyone is expected to participate in this activity.

If you do not partake in fishing your fish allowance is not guarantee.

Please note – We especially request that you refrain from bringing glass wherever possible. Wine bottles are acceptable, but please Cans of beer preferred

Flying to Exmouth (Learmonth). Qantas  fly daily to Exmouth. Reservations can be made online via the internet on

For those of you who fly to Exmouth (Learmonth Airport) – the airport is 34Km’s from town. Our bus will pick you up and drop you off on specify afternoon flights only (2:35pm arrival and 3:15pm departure)

The road distance between Perth and Exmouth is approximately 1,270 kilometres [794 miles] and is characterised by long stretches of straight road (50 – 60kms) running through semi-arid desert and will take approximately 13 – 14 hours to travel safely.

There are two main towns on the way, Geraldton and Carnarvon which make good places to stop. There are also roadhouses with petrol and food for the weary traveller every 200 kms [125 miles] which make convenient resting places.
Another alternative that works out quite economically (presuming you did not want to bring individual vehicles) is to hire a minibus. If you choose this option we suggest you choose a bus larger than you require as it provides extra comfort for all concerned keeping in mind the distance you are traveling from Perth.

Vehicles can be parked in a secure compound at the Exmouth Marina service wharf

Goods for your charter can be sent up to Exmouth via Toll Ipec or NGT Logistics

NB: Customers must have any goods that they send through clearly marked with their names as the sender and receiver of the goods.

Consists of a Skipper, Deckie and a cook. It is expected that everyone lend a hand to cook and with the cleaning up. Just think of the mountain of dishes 17 people make. Many hands make light work.

Prior to departure in Exmouth, a mobile Next-G will work but once the Kylin sails there is no guarantee of phone contact. No mobiles work at the Montebello’s except satellite phones or occasionally the Next-G.


  • Mask
  • Fins
  • Snorkel
  • Gloves for catching crays
  • Wet suit optional but it does protect from the coral.

We do have sets aboard which are quite adequate if you don’t have your own favourite gear.

  • BC
  • Regulator
  • Snorkelling gear
  • Tank and weight belt is supplied
  • Dive ticket essential, No Ticket No Dive.

Note: Only available if pre arranged so as to allow us to roster our Dive Master for the charter.

  • Smallish squid jigs
  • 20-30lb spinning rod and reel for dinghy fishing or baitcaster combo
  • Lures.
  • Personal insect repellantSunscreen
  • Sheets
  • Pillow case (we provide blanket and pillow)
  • A sleeping bag is not an acceptable alternative to sheets
  • Toiletries
  • Towel
  • Drinks, any nibbles, chocolates or lollies that you especially like or your favourite savoury.