Getting There & Map

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You are to meet the Boat ‘KYLIN’ Montebello Island Safaris at the Exmouth Boat Harbour.

Departure time is approximately 9am Sunday (Remember to call 0419091670 , when you arrive into Exmouth to confirm your pickup and departure time and place) so your are to be at the wharf at 08.30am (but not before) to allow time for loading.

Departure will take place from Exmouth Boat harbour which is situated just south east of town. There are no permanent charter boats pens available at the harbour so the Kylin will either be moored at the Service Jetty or the Charter boat pen area. The Service Jetty is on the southern side of the Boat Harbour and is accessed from Market St which runs off to the right of the main road (Murat Road) which leads into Exmouth. The Charter boat pens are on the northern side of the harbour and are accessed from Madaffari Street which also runs off Murat road, but is closer in towards Exmouth. You will be advised when you contact us on the Saturday as to what area you will be leaving from.

Have a good trip and Don’t forget the pillow case, sheets and towel- a sleeping bag is not an acceptable alternative.
Please note: As the crew will be busy preparing the boat for departure, we particularly ask that you refrain (We know its hard), but please, do not go to the boat before the 09:00am appointed time as it will only hold up your departure.
When you arrive in Exmouth, you can purchase goods at one of the two Supermarkets in town. There are numerous places to eat. The tourist bureau has a great list of all of these.

There is lots of accommodation in Exmouth, from budget to luxury style. The Ningaloo Visitor Centre has lots of information for you about accommodation and other facilities in Exmouth. For information and bookings, visit or call on (08) 9949 1176 or 1800 287 328 or email at

Should you wish to purchase alcohol for your trip there are numerous  liquor outlets in town.