Montebello Island Safaris

Montebello Safaris

Seek New Adventures

Situated approximately 75 nautical miles north of Onslow, off the West Australian coast, the little known Montebello Islands present a rare opportunity for adventure, fun and relaxation.

With over 100 small islands in the group, all within easy reach by our charter vessel, ‘Kylin’, the Montebello’s are surrounded by magnificent virgin coral reefs with water temperatures perfect for snorkelling, fishing, swimming and free diving. The many reefs in the area also create fantastic wave conditions for surfing. We are very keen to accommodate everyone’s needs so please let us know if there is anything in particular that you would like to do whilst at the Montebello’s.

Head For Adventures

After arriving in Exmouth, take to the sea with us for a week of fresh air and good cheer as we set sail from the mainland around midday of the first day aboard our 62′ charter boat ‘Kylin’. This boat transports you to the Montebello’s and once there becomes the “activities boat” to take you fishing, free diving, sightseeing, surfing or whatever it is you have in mind. Spend five nights and six action packed days exploring the natural wonders of the islands before returning to Exmouth.

Live It Up

Your “Floating Accommodation” is a pontoon style twin hull house boat, appropriately named ‘The Full Monte’, which is permanently moored in Claret Cove, an extremely sheltered horseshoe bay on the southern point of Hermite Island. The houseboat provides a stable comfortable home to prepare meals and reminisce on the events of the day. Accommodation for the trip is provided for 14 people.

We have 4 x 2 bunk cabins and 2 x 4 bunk cabins, 3 bathrooms, a large galley, dining area and most importantly, a large outdoor area leading down to a transom board – Everything you require for a great holiday!!!

Dinghies’ are available for you to explore the Islands’ mangrove swamps and isolated beaches. A recreational Skipper’s ticket is now required under current legislation to take the dinghie’s out. You must have the ticket with you to show the skipper or crew prior to taking the dinghies out.

Meet With Mother Nature

The crystal clear waters surrounding the islands allow for amazing visibility of the reefs and their inhabitants.

The shallow depths (from 3-10 metres) offer the underwater photographer a unique chance to capture on film the beautiful coral outcrops, exquisite shells and many species of plant and marine life that abound in the area (as can be seen by some of the photos on this website).

The fishing is arguably the best in Australia – the catch usually consisting of Spanish Mackerel, Red Emperor, Coral Trout, North West Snapper (Spangled Emperor), Trevally and Cod. There are also plenty of Crayfish just waiting to be caught, cooked and feasted upon.


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